Chapter 9: Transmittal Edit Messages - DRS Employer Handbook

Parts of the Transmittal Edit Report

Transmittal Edit Messages

The Transmittal Edit Messages section of the edit report provides information about each edit performed on a given transaction. The transaction is first displayed exactly as it was reported to DRS. Following the reported transaction are the edit messages relating to the transaction. The messages are grouped together and identified by type of error.

Edit messages may show as rejects, warnings or information changed. Each edit performed on a transaction provides an explanatory message so you can understand what has happened to the information you reported.

Multiple Record Layout

With the Multiple Record Layout, the employer must determine what parts of the record rejected, had information changed, or if the system issued a warning. See the sample below for how these messages will appear on your Transmittal Edit Messages Report. See the Types of Errors for additional information.

Transmittal Edit Messages Using the Multiple Record Layout.
Members with 90 Days to Choose Plan

You will receive this section of the edit report only when you have reported new members in PERS. The report is generated when new members are reported who have 90 days to make a plan choice between PERS Plan 2 or PERS Plan 3.

Edit Message for Members with 90 Days to Choose Plan.