The 64th Legislature has convened for Regular Session until April 26, 2015. Below is a list of pension-related bills introduced for 2015. For more information on proposed bills, visit the Washington State Legislature's website.

Pension-Related Bills for the 2015 Session

Click on the bill number for more detailed information about the legislation. Please note that legislative proposals do not become law until they are passed by both houses of the Legislature and signed by the governor. Bills signed by the governor are indicated by an asterisk (*).

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* Passed by the Legislature and Signed by the Governor during 2015 Session

Click on the bill number for more detailed information about the legislation

Pension-Related Bills for the 2015 Session

House Bill Number Senate Bill Number Title
HB 1036

HB 1036 Addressing PERS Survivor Benefits for Deceased Domestic Partners
This bill would provide survivor benefits to the spouses of deceased members of the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) who were registered domestic partners, later married, but the member died prior to being eligible to add the spouse as a survivor.

HB 1109

HB 1109 Adding OSPI Employees to TRS
This bill would add employees of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS), if they are qualified to teach and are in an instructional, administrative, or supervisory position.

HB 1168 SB 5211

HB 1168/SB 5211 - Correcting PERS Retiree Return to Work Restrictions
ESHB 1981 of the 2011 session modified the return to work rules for PERS retirees. This bill would correct some unintended consequences of those statute changes to ensure that:

  • PERS retirees who return to work in ineligible positions would not be subject to the 867 hour limitation.
  • PERS Plan 2 or Plan 3 retirees who return to work in eligible positions covered by other DRS administered systems would be eligible to work up to 867 hours before their benefit is suspended.
HB 1169 SB 5210

HB 1169/SB 5210 - An optional life annuity benefit for members of the Washington State Patrol Retirement System
This bill would allow WSPRS members to use funds from certain tax-qualified plans to purchase a life annuity from the Washington State Patrol retirement fund at the time of retirement.

HB 1322

HB 1322 – Amending estoppel criteria to only apply to those eligible for “normal” retirement
Currently, members eligible for retirement in certain plans are prevented (estopped) from joining a different retirement system. This bill would amend the estoppel criteria to state that a member would be estopped from membership in a retirement system if the retirement eligibility for another system is a “normal” retirement. Those who are not eligible for a full retirement, but only a retirement benefit calculated under alternate retirement criteria, such as early retirement, would no longer be estopped from membership in another system based on this section, and would therefore be mandated into membership unless excluded by other criteria.

HB 1542 SB 5473

HB 1542/SB 5473 - Alternate Retirement Provisions for PERS, TRS and SERS (Rule of 85)
This bill provides unreduced retirement benefits to any vested Plan 2 and Plan 3 member of PERS, TRS, and SERS, who is at least age 55 and for whom the sum of the member's age and the number of years of the member's service credit equals 85 or more.

SB 5148

SB 5148 - Removing 2008 ERF retiree return to work restrictions for substitute teachers.
A member who retirees under the 2008 Early Retirement Factors may not return to work with a DRS covered employer until the age of 65 without having their benefit stopped. This bill will remove this restriction for those returning to work as substitute teachers.

SB 5435

SB 5435 - Expand Deferred Compensation Participation
This bill would auto-enroll all new state employees into the Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) with a default contribution rate of 3%, unless the employee opted out or chose a different contribution rate. This bill would also make it mandatory for all employers who participate in any of the retirement plans administrated by DRS to offer DCP to their employees.

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