Retirement and Related RCWs

The following links are to selected chapters of the RCW that apply to the administration of DRS and to state employees. These links are maintained by the Office of the Code Reviser.

Retirement RCWs Description
RCW 2.10 Judicial Retirement System
RCW 2.12 Judges' Retirement Fund
RCW 28A.400 Common School Provisions - Employees
RCW 28B.10 Higher Education - Colleges and Universities Generally
RCW 41.04 General Provisions (related to retirement and employment)
RCW 41.06 State Civil Service Law
RCW 41.16 Firemen's Relief and Pensions -- 1947 Act
RCW 41.18 Firemen's Relief and Pensions - 1955 Act
RCW 41.20 Police Relief and Pensions in First Class Cities
RCW 41.26 Law Enforcement Officers' and Fire Fighters' Retirement System
RCW 41.31 Extraordinary Investment Gains - Plan 1 
RCW 41.31A Extraordinary Investment Gains - Plan 3 
RCW 41.32 Teachers' Retirement System
RCW 41.34 Plan 3 Retirement System Contributions
RCW 41.35 Washington School Employees' Retirement System
RCW 41.37.015 Public Safety Employees' Retirement System
RCW 41.40 Washington Public Employees' Retirement System
RCW 41.44 State-Wide City Employees' Retirement System
RCW 41.45 Actuarial Funding of State Retirement Systems
RCW 41.50 Department of Retirement Systems 
RCW 41.54 Portability of Public Retirement Benefits
RCW 43.43 Washington State Patrol 
RCW 44.44 Office of State Actuary -- Joint Committee on Pension Policy

Related RCWs Description
RCW 19.85 Regulatory Fairness Act
RCW 34.05 Administrative Procedure Act
RCW 34.08 Washington State Register Act
RCW 39.19 Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises 
RCW 39.29 Personal Service Contracts
RCW 41.05 State Health Care Authority
RCW 42.17 Disclosure - Campaign Finances - Lobbying - Public Records 
RCW 42.20 Misconduct of Public Officers
RCW 42.30 Open Public Meetings Act
RCW 42.40 State Employee Whistleblower Protection 
RCW 42.52 Ethics in Public Service 
RCW 43.05 Technical Assistance Programs
RCW 43.33A State Investment Board
RCW 49.12 Employment-Related Statistics
RCW 49.44 Prohibited Practices
RCW 49.60 Discrimination - Human Rights Commission