2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2014 CAFR Cover
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Message from the Director, Pension Related Committees and Agencies, Letter of Transmittal, Summary of Legislation


Independent Auditor's Report, Management's Discussion and Analysis, Basic Financial Statements, Notes to Financial Statements, Required Supplementary Information, Supporting Schedules


Report on Investment Activity, Summary of Investment Policies, Investment Fees and Commissions, Broker Volume and Equity Commissions, Summary of Investments Owned


State Actuary's Certification Letter, Summary of Plan Provisions, Actuarial Assumptions and Methods, Active Member Valuation Data, Retirees and Beneficiaries Added to and Removed from Rolls, Solvency Tests, Analysis of Selected Experience


Schedules of Changes in Fiduciary Net Position, Distribution of Membership, Benefit Recipients by Type, Average Payments to Retirees, Benefit Expenses and Refunds, List of Covered Employers, Deferred Compensation

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