Employer Newsletter spring/summer 2011

Online Employer Self-Audit Program Streamlined

“Auditing can be complicated,” says Audit Supervisor Lanette Barton. “By making user-friendly updates to the old program, and including suggestions for improvement we’ve received, we believe we’ve lessened the complexity.”

The revised Employer Self-Audit Program gives you easier access to the information you need when you need it. It has an entirely new web address, so if you’ve bookmarked the old program, you’ll want to replace it with the new one at: http://www.drs.wa.gov/employer/audit/default.shtml.

The self-audit process is still the same: You begin your audit by determining the eligibility of your positions and ensuring you have been correctly reporting your employees in those positions. Once you have your list verified by following the steps in the program, you move on to the reporting section.

The biggest change you’ll likely notice when you open the revised Self-Audit Program (other than the completely new look and feel) is that it’s in a separate window. This allows you to return to the Employer website whenever you need to without having to close your audit session window. Other new features include:

  • A simplified audit process ;
  • A checklist layout guides you through the steps;
  • Easy-to-understand instructions;
  • Color-coded and separated eligibility and reporting sections so you know where you are at all times;
  • Improved navigation so you can work your way through the self-audit process and either move on to the next step or go back if you need to;
  • Tips for terms that open up on the screen when you hover your cursor over them – these include terms you’ve asked us to assist you with; and
  • A resources section with:
    • A comprehensive glossary;
    • An RCW and WAC table with links to all the retirement laws and codes; and
    • All the forms, lists and charts you need to complete a self audit.

And as always, we’re here to help when you have questions. There’s a convenient Contact Us link on every page of the Employer Self-Audit Program. We also encourage and invite you to send us your feedback on the revised program by filling out the Feedback Form. That way, we can continue to enhance our tools and services to fit your needs.