Employer Reporting Application Project

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April 2018 update — New schedule for the Employer Reporting Application (ERA)

After adding additional resources to the ERA testing effort and negotiating with our vendor, Bizagi, we are now confident the new system will be ready to meet your needs. The schedule has been updated to reflect these actions.

ERA’s rollout begins in September 2018—first with ERA Early Adopters, then followed by all employers:

  • The ERA Early Adopters will start a three-month rollout from September through November 2018
  • All employers will begin their rollout in December 2018

If you have any questions or concerns about the rollout, or the upcoming readiness assessment for Early Adopters, please contact us at DRSERAOutreach@DRS.wa.gov or call Debbie Callar, ERA Employer Training Lead, at 360-664-7167.

ERA website resources

There are many resources available to help you learn more about ERA and prepare for the rollout:

ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures Version 4 Please share this document with all staff and organizations responsible for making system and procedural changes to support your retirement reporting. Updates are added as needed, so it’s important to note when changes are made by reading DRS Communications regarding ERA in the subject index, and checking back on this webpage.

ERA FAQ New questions and answers are added to the FAQ as they develop. You’re invited to send us your questions at any time. We’ll provide the answers and add them to the list.

ERA Phase & Process Detail This graphic gives you a quick overview of what’s complete and what’s on deck.

Rollout Timeline A snapshot of the dates for the launch.

About the Employer Reporting Application Project

DRS is modernizing its legacy information technology systems. The Employer Reporting Application (ERA) will streamline reporting, and help us provide better services to both our employer partners and our customers.