Employer Web-Based Services

The Department of Retirement Systems provides the following electronic services to assist employers with reporting, maintaining and verifying information.

For information about a service, select from the following:

Electronic Payment (ePay)
Submit electronic payments to DRS.
Member Reporting Verification (MRV)
Verify an employee's retirement membership or earnings information.
Web-Based Employer Transmittal (WBET)
Submit retirement transmittal reports to DRS.
Reports (Processed Transmittal Summary)
Review pension data designed to assist employers with accounting and financial reporting requirements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).
MY DOCS (My Documents)
Securely review documents sent from/to DRS.
RFEI (Request for Employer Information)
Request additional information from employers regarding DRS members.
OASI (Old Age & Survivors Insurance) Program
Request employers’ annual Social Security wage data for the administration of the Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Program.

Availability of Services

These services may not be available during the following times:

  • 6 pm to 9 pm Monday–Friday
  • 8 pm to 4 am Friday–Monday

It's Free

There is no cost to use these services. They have been developed to assist you with your reporting, to improve data accuracy and to help speed up processing of account and payment information.

If you have questions about employer electronic services, contact Employer Support Services.