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The Deferred Compensation Program can supplement your retirement with
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Change My Address

Active members, update your address through your employer. Retirees and inactive members, now you can change your address online. It's easy! Log in to online account access. Or you can submit a paper address change form.

Create a Benefit Self-Estimate

You can use your online account to create benefit estimates based on your actual member data.

Plan Choice

New members of PERS, SERS and TRS have 90 days to choose between two different pension plans — Plan 2 and Plan 3. Inside the Plan Choice booklet, you'll find information, tools and resources that will help you determine your goals for retirement and how best to meet them.


Early Retirement

As a Plan 2 or 3 member of PERS, SERS or TRS, you have the option to retire early and begin receiving a retirement benefit once you meet the minimum service requirements.

Purchasing An Annuity or Service Credit

Purchasing an annuity or service credit can supplement your monthly benefit. Purchases must be made at the time of retirement. You cannot use the purchases to qualify for retirement.