Retirement Outlook for Active Members

The Retirement Outlook newsletter provides valuable information on our programs, benefits and services. You can review the current or previous issues by choosing one of the links below.

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Current issue: Winter 2016

Featured article: Empower Retirement to become new Plan 3 record-keeper

Also in this issue:

  • DRS financial reports now available
  • Annual statements for education employees now available
  • Consider attending a retirement planning seminar in 2016
  • Do you DCP?
  • DRS updates: be among the first to know
  • Retire online
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Summer 2015

Featured article: Upgrading to serve you

Also in this issue:

  • New employees have 90 days to make a plan choice
  • Plan 3: Defined benefit and defined contribution
  • 2015 legislative update
  • Retirement planning seminars
  • What you need to know about pension advances
  • Online Retirement Application makes retirement process easy
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Winter 2015

Featured article: 2060 Retirement Strategy Fund

Also in this issue:

  • TRS Plan 3 contribution rate change window ending after 2015
  • DRS financial report now available
  • State Supreme Court issues retirement-related rulings
  • Seminar schedule for 2015
  • Keep information up-to-date
  • DRS selects Empower Retirement as record-keeper for Plan 3 and DCP customers
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Summer 2014

Featured article: Connect with DRS

Also in this issue:

  • Gain sharing, UCOLA case updates
  • TRS Plan 3 contribution rate change window ending after 2015
  • Retirement Planning Seminars
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Winter 2014

Featured article: Online retirement improvements

Also in this issue:

  • TRS Plan 3 contribution rate change window
  • Gain sharing update
  • Plan 3 Account Access update
  • Seminar schedule
  • Better choices for better health
  • New contribution rates
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Summer 2013

Featured article: Retire online

Also in this issue:

  • Legislative update
  • Retirement planning seminars
  • Is my initial benefit final?
  • Administrative factors changing Oct. 1
  • Gain sharing appeal
  • New contribution rates
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Winter 2013

Featured article: All-in-one retirement account access

Also in this issue:

  • Education Annual Statements now available
  • TRS Plan 3 rate change opportunity
  • Retirement planning
  • January plan transfers
  • Homepage refresh
  • Same-sex marriage
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Summer 2012

Featured article: Online Retirement Application gets high marks

Also in this issue:

  • Lights, camera...
  • Keep your beneficiary designation up-to-date
  • 2012 Legislative session update
  • Seminar registration
  • Retired from the city of Seattle, Tacoma or Spokane? DRS needs to hear from you
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Winter 2011

Featured article: Stay Connected with email updates from DRS

Also in this issue:

  • Annual statements available for education employees
  • PEBB launches new cost-efficient way to receive communications
  • Fund Transition Complete
  • Do you want to decrease your federal income tax obligation? DCP
  • January brings opportunity for change
  • We want to know: What would it take to be a 100% satisfied customer of DRS?
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Spring 2011

Featured article: Baby boom generation approaches retirement

Also in this issue:

  • Legislative Update
  • New Contribution Rates are scheduled to take effect, for most members, in the coming months
  • Benefits for Qualified Domestic Partners
  • Annual retirement statements now available
  • Fund lineup analyzed
  • DRS Education and Outreach Team
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