Retirement Planning Seminars

Our retirement planning seminars are for members within five years of retirement. Seminars are held on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at various locations throughout the state.

Seminar overview: Understand the details of your retirement benefits by learning how VEBA (Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association), health insurance, deferred compensation and your pension work. The seminar is designed to provide you with a broad range of information you need as you near retirement.

LEOFF Plan 1 and WSPRS Plan 1 benefit information is no longer offered at our seminars. For retirement planning assistance we encourage you to:

  • Review your account information and create benefit estimates through Online Account Access.
  • Request a benefit estimate, if you are within one year of retirement.
  • Arrange a one-on-one appointment with a Retirement Specialist.

Please be advised that organizations not affiliated with, nor invited by DRS may have information tables at or near the seminar. We hope it will not create a problem during your attendance at the DRS event.

Register for a seminar

  • Using online registration
  • By e-mail
  • By phone. Just call 1-888-711-6676 or (360) 664-7300 in the Olympia area. If you are hearing impaired, please call the TDD line toll-free at 1-866-377-8895 or (360) 586-5450 in the Olympia area.
  • By mail. Send your information to:
    Department of Retirement Systems
    Education and Outreach Team
    PO Box 48380
    Olympia, WA 98504-8380
  • Please Note: For your convenience, you may view a pre-recorded seminar online here.

These are group presentations - individual appointments are available by contacting a Retirement Specialist by e-mail or by calling 1-800-547-6657 or (360) 664-7000 in the Olympia area.

Questions about attending seminars

When should I attend a DRS seminar?
If you're planning to retire in the next five years, this is the best time to attend.
Where are the seminars held?
We host seminars throughout Washington state. Check the schedule for the cities closest to you.
May I bring a guest?
Yes. You are welcome to bring a guest.