Position Eligibility

You will need to know...

You will need to know if the position in which the new employee is working is eligible or ineligible.

  • First look at the position. For an eligible position, report the employee to DRS from the first day of eligibility.
  • Next, PERS, TRS, SERS employers need to look at the person as well. Employees working in more than one position may be eligible for membership.

WARNING! If the position is not eligible, stop the New Hire Tutorial and do not report the employee, unless he/she is a:

  • substitute (potential member) working in a school district (certified or classified position)
  • retiree
  • For an ineligible position, you need to review the position eligibility annually. DRS recommends that you document your position eligibility decisions.

Additional information:

Document your eligibility determination with the Position Eligibility Worksheet. (This worksheet does not apply to LEOFF or TRS Plan 1 employees.)

To learn more about eligibility, review the DRS Handbook chapter 2.

For specific eligibility questions, contact Employer Support Services.

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