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Fundamentals Map

The DRS Fundamentals Map provides a single-page view of the department’s core business processes. By identifying the subprocesses that support these essential business functions, the map illustrates the complexity of the agency’s work in a way that is easy to understand. It also helps all team members connect their work to DRS’ mission and key goals.

The map includes outcome measures and process measures to gauge how well the fundamentals are being managed in comparison to performance targets, and to identify opportunities for improvement. These targets are reviewed each quarter by the DRS Extended Leadership Team.

Breakthrough Initiatives

In the DRS approach to performance management, a “breakthrough” represents a systematic approach to removing constraints or creating capability that will lead to the achievement of key goals. There are two kinds of breakthroughs:

  • Performance Breakthrough — An initiative that focuses on an existing core process, one where current performance is substantially below what is required to achieve DRS’ key goals.
  • Capability Breakthrough — An initiative that is intended to create a new capability or core process for DRS that is essential to achieving its key goals.

DRS Breakthrough Initiatives are, in effect, the agency’s strategic plan. The outline of these initiatives for 2017-19 includes both performance and capability breakthroughs .

Beneficiary Designation

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