About DRS

The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems serves nearly 784,000 current and former public employees in Washington by providing expertise, tools and services to help them prepare for and experience a successful retirement. As the administrator of eight public retirement systems, 15 retirement plans and the Deferred Compensation Savings Program, DRS serves a diverse population of state and local government employees, including fire fighters, teachers and police officers. Retirement benefits earned by these employees result in more than $4.3 billion in payments each year, most of which is distributed in the state of Washington.

(For more about the state's retirement systems, including history, governance and statistical information, see the Public Pensions in Washington section.)

DRS is organized in five primary areas: Executive, Retirement Services, Project Management Division, Information Services and Administrative Services. Approximately 260 people are employed by the department.

A note about DRS culture — DRS has committed itself to comprehensive organizational and cultural change focused on growing from high levels of customer service to high levels of customer satisfaction. The core of this effort centers on ensuring all work is ultimately connected to the customer, and all team members are fully engaged and supported in meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations. The DRS transformation encompasses a number of initiatives, including customer satisfaction, team member engagement, application of Lean principles, process mapping and workflow improvements.