DRS Advisory Committee - Current Board Members

Representing PERS Active Members

Mary Sherman, Washington Public Employees Association

Representing PERS Retirees

Bev Hermanson, Retired Public Employees Council of Washington

Representing TRS Active Members

Darrell Heisler, Washington School Personnel Association

Representing TRS Retirees

Nancy Baldwin (Committee Chair), Washington Education Association

Representing SERS Active Members

Jacque Meddles, Public School Employees of Washington

Representing SERS Retirees

Cheri Ingersoll, Washington State School Retirees' Association

Representing PSERS Active Members

William Copland, Washington Federation of State Employees

Representing LEOFF Active Members

Chief Scott Bieber, WA Association of Sheriff and Police Chiefs

Representing LEOFF Retirees

Richard Warbrouck, Retired Firefighters of Washington

Representing Washington State Patrol Active Members

Captain Travis Matheson, Washington State Patrol

Representing Washington State Patrol Retirees

Rick Jensen, Washington State Patrol

Representing Judicial Active Members

Judge Julie Spector, Superior Court Judges Association

Representing DCP Participants

Kathy Whitlock, Deferred Compensation Program participant

Representing Experience in Defined Contribution Plan Administration

Deirdre Walker, Weyerhaeuser