1099-R tax form available online Jan. 20

Posted 11-Jan-2018

Retired and looking for your 1099-R form for tax purposes? Beginning Jan. 20 you can access it by signing in to your retirement account and then selecting the "1099R" link in the account navigation menu. From there you can view it or print a copy. Hard copies of the form will be mailed by the end of January.

Your online account also includes tools to calculate and update your IRS withholding. You’ll find a link to the IRS Withholding Calculator under “Other” in the navigation menu. To change your withholding amount, select “My Account” from the menu, then “View/Edit” under the IRS Withholding Tax category. Changes will take effect in your next pension payment.

Alternatively, you can complete and send DRS a new Form W-4P. Before you make a change, you might want to talk with your financial advisor or the IRS.