Coming soon: Enhanced security for accessing your DRS online account

Posted 13-Nov-2019

The Department of Retirement Systems is adopting an additional security measure to safeguard your online retirement account. This enhancement, known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), provides an extra layer of protection beyond your user ID and password.

As MFA is implemented, it is important that your mobile number (if available) and email address are current in your DRS online account. To securely update and verify this information, log in at and select “My Account.” If you have questions or need assistance, please contact DRS.

About Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is a two-step process used to verify that you are the owner of your DRS online account (in addition to entering your user ID and password). When you log on to your DRS account, or register as a new user, you may be required to complete the multi-factor authentication process. In instances when MFA is required, an authentication code will be immediately sent to the verified email address or mobile phone number registered in your account. Upon receipt, you simply submit the code to proceed to your account.

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