Retirement Strategy Fund lineup changes in January

Posted 18-Dec-2014

Every five years, a new Retirement Strategy Fund is added to DRS’ investment options to serve younger members entering the workforce. Each of the 12 Retirement Strategy Funds has a diversified mix of equities and bonds that automatically adjusts and rebalances as you move toward your target date. The most recent addition – the 2060 Retirement Strategy Fund, available Jan. 2, 2015 – is designed for those born in 1993 or later.  

At the same time the new fund is implemented, the 2000 Retirement Strategy Fund is being converted into a more conservatively allocated fund – called the Retirement Maturity Strategy Fund – suitable for investors who have been retired for 15 years or more.

Now is a good time to consider when you plan to retire and make sure you’re investing in the fund that will best meet your personal financial goals. Retirement Strategy Funds are part of a one-step approach to investing, allowing you to simply pick your target retirement date and leave diversification in the hands of investing experts.

There’s a Retirement Strategy Fund target date every five years: just pick the year closest to when you plan to start withdrawing funds. Your investment allocation mix will be diversified and rebalanced as you move toward a retirement target date that meets your needs and lifestyle. Plan 3 and DCP participants: log in to your account to find more information about your investments.

If you are not currently investing in DCP, learn more at the DCP website. Ask your employer if you are eligible to sign up for DCP.