Thinking about retiring in September or October 2013?

Posted 29-May-2014

Administrative factors set to change October 1, 2013

Administrative factors are used to calculate adjustments in pension benefits. There are several types of benefit adjustments, but the most common are survivor options, early retirement and purchasing service credit.

In December 2012, DRS adopted new administrative factors that take effect October 1, 2013. The new administrative factors are currently available on the Administrative Factors web page to help you determine the most accurate estimate of your benefits.

If you’re considering a September or October 2013 retirement, log in to your account at Online Account Access to compare benefits with both the current and future (as of October 2013) administrative factors. Or you can contact us to request a benefit comparison.

Visit the DRS Administrative Factors web page for more information about administrative factors and how they’re used to calculate benefit adjustments.

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