DRS Email 19-014, ERA Enhancements

Notice No.: 19-014
Date: Aug. 16, 2019
Applies to: All Employers
Subject: DRS Email 19-014, ERA Enhancements

We continue to make improvements in the Employer Reporting Application and want to share some of the enhancements we have implemented. We understand learning a new application can be challenging. We are listening to your feedback and making adjustments to ERA to improve your user experience.

A few improvements are:

  • All rejected and not-processed records are now grouped together by SSN on the Transmittal Edit Message Report
  • If you send your file through SFT or manually upload it through ERA, you can now access a copy of the file within the ERA case

We also want to remind you of a few previous enhancements available now in ERA.

  • You can export the data within the Earnings tab in the Employer Reporting Process to an Excel spreadsheet. This will give you the ability to quickly review for keying errors and provide you with a copy of your report before you submit.
  • A new auto-generated Correction File within the Employer Reporting Process is available to use along with your Transmittal Edit Message Report so you can easily re-report rejected and not-processed data.
  • Submitted and processed reports can be found in My Documents under Processes.

We would also like to highlight a few other ERA items.

ERA processes in real time

Processing times do vary but are generally quick. This allows you to process multiple reports in one day if you choose. But please remember that once you select the “Submit” button, the report processes immediately and is no longer available for you to edit or cancel.

Simulation helps prevent errors

It allows you to run your file through ERA and identify all the errors without actually processing the file. Simulation displays the errors and gives you the opportunity to correct them before you submit your final file for processing. By fixing your data upfront, Simulation can save time and prevent errors in the first place.

Summary tab issue

If you manually change member contributions in an Interactive report to an amount that is different than what ERA calculates based on the compensation reported, the Summary tab displays the ERA-calculated amount and not the amount you have overwritten. To ensure the Summary tab reflects the amounts you keyed, follow these steps:

  1. Update all member earnings on the EARNINGS tab
  2. Pick one member under the MEMBER tab and select the EDIT button
  3. Select the SAVE & RETURN button at the bottom of the screen
  4. All member contributions will be updated and you will return to the EARNINGS tab
  5. The Summary tab will now reflect the contribution amounts you entered


To start your payment your report must process in order for your balances due to show up under the Pending Receivables or Open Receivables tab. Again, processing times vary so check your Messages for confirmation that your report has finished processing before you attempt to make your payment. (See note on DCP.)


DCP reports are not considered processed until your payment reconciles to your report. This means you will not get a notice in Messages or a printable report in My Docs until your payment posts. You will need your DCP report case number to search for the processing status and printable report in Tasks.

Training aids on the Employer website

We have added several new training aids with step-by-step instructions to the Employer website to help you through specific ERA tasks. Please go to the Employer homepage to view the topics.


If you have any questions regarding this DRS Notice, please contact Employer Support Services at 360-664-7200, option 2, or 800-547-6657, option 6, option 2, or email us.

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