DRS Email 20-001, Programming Changes Complete for New TRS/SERS 2008 ERF Retirees

  • Notice No.: 20-001
  • Date: Jan. 17, 2020
  • Applies to: All Employers
  • Subject: DRS Email 20-001, Programming Changes Completed for New Return-to-Work Rules for TRS and SERS 2008 ERF Retirees

New legislation implemented last year changed how the 2008 Early Retirement Factor (2008 ERFs) are applied. Plans 2 and 3 Teachers’ Retirement System and School Employees’ Retirement System retirees who retired under the 2008 ERFs can return to work in nonadministrative positions for up to 867 hours in a calendar year without impacting their benefits.

Details regarding the new rules were communicated in DRS Email 19-013.

Which employees does this impact?

Certain 2008 ERF retirees who are under age 65 and currently working for you in a nonadministrative position. Specifically, it affects retirees who either:

  • Retired from SERS
  • Retired from TRS and are working in a SERS position

What is changing?

Type Codes for these retirees are changing. Beginning Feb. 1, 2020, Type Code 96 will be required to report data for earn period 02/2020 forward now that Employer Reporting Application (ERA) programming changes are complete as described in DRS Email 19-013.

Why is this necessary?

A Type Code is a two-digit number that identifies the type of employer an employee works for and the type of job an employee performs. Using Type Code 96 ensures that DRS doesn’t stop a retiree’s pension as a result of returning to work for you.

How will I know which of my employees are impacted?

If you report earnings data for these retirees for earn period 02/2020 or later, ERA will reject the earnings with this edit message:
Type Code 98 is no longer valid for this retiree. Submit a separation date and reenroll with Type Code 96 [462].

What am I required to submit?

You will need to submit the following data for each affected 2008 ERF retiree currently working for you in a nonadministrative position:

  • End Date of 01/31/2020 under Plan 0, Type Code 98
  • Begin Date of 02/01/2020 under Plan 0, Type Code 96
  • Re-report rejected Type Code 98 earnings for earn periods 02/2020 and later using Type Code 96

Reporting chart effective for 02/2020 earnings:

If hired into a nonadministrative position and under age 65
Retired under 2008 ERF fromType of position returning toSystem/PlanType Code
TRSCertificated nonadministrativeTRS 096
TRSClassified nonadministrativeSERS 096
SERSCertificated nonadministrativeTRS 096
SERSClassified nonadministrative SERS 096
If hired into an administrative position or over age 65
Retired under 2008 ERF fromType of position returning toSystem/PlanType Code
TRSTRS-eligible positionTRS 098
TRSTRS-ineligible positionTRS 099
TRSSERS-eligible positionSERS 098
TRSSERS-ineligible positionSERS 099
SERSTRS-eligible positionTRS 098
SERSTRS-ineligible positionTRS 099
SERSSERS-eligible positionSERS 098
SERSSERS-ineligible positionSERS 099

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