DRS Email 14-015, National Save for Retirement Week

  • Notice No.: 14-015
  • Date: October 20, 2014
  • Applies to: DCP Employers
  • Subject: National Save for Retirement Week
National Save for Retirement Week is Oct. 19-25, and DRS has created a special online resource center focusing on the benefits of enhancing retirement income with the Deferred Compensation Program. This Change Jar center, which will go live Monday, Oct. 20, includes an animated video explaining what DCP is, quotes from DCP participants, and interviews with six public employees about their experience with DCP. Please share the link (www.drs.wa.gov/retirement-planning/saving/) any time beginning Oct. 20.
To help get the word out, we’re attaching a poster you can print and display for your employees or post to your intranet with a link to the resource center during the work week of Oct. 20-25. Also, below is suggested text that can be used in an email announcement or intranet/newsletter article.
Employer Questions
Should you have questions, please reply to this notice or call Employer Support Services at 360-664-7200 (option 2) or 800-547-6657 (option 6 then option 2).
Suggested text for National Save for Retirement Week communications:
This is saving.
National Save for Retirement Week, Oct. 19-24, is a great opportunity to learn the how and why of saving for retirement. Whether you’re deciding to start or you’ve been watching your savings grow for years, now is the time to check your retirement strategies. 
For National Save for Retirement Week, the Department of Retirement Systems has created an online Change Jar center to help you learn about boosting your retirement savings with the Deferred Compensation Program. 
Looking for basic information on DCP? You’ll find a short animated video to help you understand the program and feel comfortable meeting your goals – whether you want simple, one-step savings or a more hands-on approach.
Want to know how DCP works for your fellow public employees? Hear real stories from six DCP participants who generously volunteered to share their experiences and how they use DCP to reach their saving goals.
Visit the Change Jar center to see how you can put your savings to work for you. Check with your employer to see how you can sign up for DCP, or log in to your account at www.drs.wa.gov.