DRS Email 16-010 Employer Reporting Application Employer Impacts

Notice No.: 16-010
Date: July 29, 2016
Applies to: All Employers             
Subject: DRS Email 16-010, Employer Reporting Application Employer Impacts

(Note: The rollout and timeline information below has changed since the publication of this notice. Please refer to the ERA rollout timeline for current information.)

The new Employer Reporting Application (ERA) will result in changes to employer reporting requirements. This notice provides a preview of the requirements for the new application. We expect to provide details of the changes along with the multiple record layouts in September.

Below, we introduce new data elements and outline new functionality based on our current information. If requirements change as the project moves forward, we will follow up with additional employer notices to ensure you are kept fully informed.

New Data Elements

DRS is working to limit system impacts for employers. One method is to minimize changes to the SFT file. The two columns below outline the new data elements employers will enter based on their transmittal method. In ERA, data transmittal will use one of two methods:

  • Interactive Web (eServices/Web Based Employer Transmittal {WBET} in the current system) or
  • File Upload (SFT in the current system).
Interactive Web (eServices) File Upload (SFT)
Exceed Date (for retirees who return to work)
Foreign Address
Job Type
Max Compensation Exceeds Date
Max Compensation Exceeds Indicator
Overtime Status Codes**
Position Title
Position ID
Foreign Address
Overtime Status Codes**

**The Overtime Status Codes are expected to be a two-digit code that will document when salary is being reported as base salary, overtime is equal to or less than two times the hourly rate of pay and when overtime is greater than two times the hourly rate of pay. We’ll provide more detail about the Overtime Status Codes and all of the new data elements in September.

New Functionality

One of the new features in ERA will be the ability for employers to edit and validate data before submission. Employers using this new functionality will be able to identify errors promptly. More specific information will be available after we complete this portion of the build.

Early Adopters and Advisors

DRS is looking for Early Adopters and Advisors to help us preview ERA during development, consult with us, provide feedback on training and be the first employers to use the new tool.

Early Adopters will:

  • review development at the end of each build phase in person or by online meeting (Webex)
  • provide consultation with the project team as needed during the build
  • receive the first training on the new tool, providing us with feedback to improve the experience
  • use the new tool first, identifying issues quickly so we can resolve any bugs with a small handful of employers before we roll out to over 2,000 employers

Early Adopters must be prepared to make a monthly time commitment to the project and be able to integrate the new data elements identified in this notice within approximately six months. We expect requirements to employers in September 2016, and Early Adopters will start using the tool in spring 2017. DRS is looking for both large and small employers who report from a variety of methods and who use different payroll vendors and tools. These will be a representative group of employers (25-30 Early Adopters) who will support the project.

ERA Advisors will be employers and employer groups who would like to provide project steering and guidance, but cannot commit to the timeframe required to be an Early Adopter, or are not a reporting employer. This group may include both employer groups and providers.

Employers interested in being an ERA Early Adopter or Advisor can contact Rachel Nesse, ERA Outreach Project Manager at racheln@drs.wa.gov.

Look for the latest information on ERA at the ERA website. You can also subscribe for updates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the new data elements or functionality, please call Employer Support Services at 360-664-7200, option 2, or 800-547-6657, option 6 and then 2. Any questions our team can’t answer will be logged and will be addressed in future communications.