DRS Email 17-006, Important Change to Overtime Reporting Procedures for ERA

Notice No.: 17-006 
Date: March 1, 2017
Applies to: All Employers
Subject: DRS Email 17-006, Important Change to Overtime Reporting Procedures for the Employer Reporting Application (ERA)

After listening to and talking with many employers—including ERA Early Adopters and Advisors—ERA overtime reporting procedures have been revised to simplify and clarify requirements regarding the use of overtime status codes.

We’ve updated the new overtime reporting procedure changes in the ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures. A revision history table (located in front of the table of contents) and an addendum table (located on the last page) will guide employers through the changes. Version 2.0 replaces the version sent to you on Jan. 30.

While using the new overtime status code is optional, we strongly advise employers to include it in their transmittal reporting through ERA.

The new A1 status code description

The field description for “Extended Status Code” now reads:

A new status code field that is four characters long is mandatory.

Employers can use a new status code to differentiate overtime compensation that is more than twice the base salary. The new overtime status code is optional.


The new A1 status code will provide significant advantages for employers.

  • Saves time Employers will reduce follow-up requests from DRS when a spike in overtime earnings occurs.
  • It’s easier to do it now The new A1 status code will likely be required in the future. Employers who update now, will save time and further expense in the future.

Use the A status code for reporting overtime

Employers will continue to report regular service base pay and overtime earnings up to and including two times the hourly rate of pay with an A status code.

Please share the updated version of the ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures document with all staff and organizations responsible for making system and procedural changes to support retirement reporting.


If you have any questions or need technical support, please call Employer Support Services at 360-664-7200, option 2, or 800-547-6657, option 6 and then 2.


EIS is 24 years old and can no longer keep pace with increasingly complex business requirements crucial to the administration of the state’s public pension system. This aging architecture has also delayed enhancements to the employer user experience. To provide a reliable system, reduce ongoing costs and improve the employer experience, DRS has undertaken a multiyear project to modernize our system and provide an easy-to-use responsive application. After a month of training and system configuration, we kicked off the ERA project in May.