DRS email 17-011 ERA Schedule Change and Technical Requirement Clarification

  • Notice No.: 17-011
  • Date: June 20, 2017
  • Applies to: All Employers
  • Subject: DRS Email 17-011, Employer Reporting Application (ERA) Schedule Change and Technical Requirement Clarification

ERA schedule change

DRS is committed to delivering a fully-tested, quality product for our employer partners. The project team has been working hard to test and re-test our new Employer Reporting Application (ERA) to ensure it correctly interprets our complex retirement rules. DRS has made a commitment to ensure the highest level of testing possible, so employers can rely on the application.

Based on our progress, testing will not be complete in time to launch ERA on our original schedule. Instead, we are now planning that ERA Early Adopters will begin using the system in October 2017, and the rollout for all employers will begin in January 2018.

The schedule is still dependent on the completion of successful testing. DRS will continue to work with our vendors and hold high standards for this application. We will not launch this application until we are confident it will meet your needs.

Clarification of ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures Version 3.0

We have received several great questions that were not addressed in the ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures. To remedy that, we have used your feedback to clarify several items in the document. There are no changes to the employer requirements or multiple record layout in version 3.0. Please continue to share your questions with us.

IBM mainframe type transmittal files

DRS built ERA to accept EBCDIC (IBM mainframe type) file formats. However, at this time we are unable to identify any employers currently using this file type. If no employers are using this file type, we might not include this functionality in ERA. If you are using this file type, please contact Debbie Callar at 360-664-7167 by June 30, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding this DRS Notice, please contact Employer Support Services at 360-664-7200, option 2, or 800-547-6657, option 6, option 2; or email us.

About the Employer Reporting Application Project

DRS is modernizing its legacy information technology systems. The Employer Reporting Application (ERA) will streamline reporting, and help us provide better services to both our employer partners and our customers. Visit the ERA webpage for up-to-date information including an ERA FAQ, Rollout Timeline and other resources for employers.