Subject: DRS Email 13-002, All-in-one Retirement Account Access

  • Notice No.: 13-002
  • Date: January 3, 2013
  • Applies to: All Employers
  • Subject: DRS Email 13-002, All-in-one Retirement Account Access

The DRS login allows access to Plan 3 and Deferred Compensation Program accounts

We’re proud to offer your employees a new time-saving online account access feature (also called single sign-on). Starting now, your employees can use their current DRS user ID and password to access all of their retirement accounts.

“You’ve always been able to view your investment accounts through online account access,” says DRS deputy director Marcie Frost. “But once you clicked on the link for the Deferred Compensation Program or Plan 3 websites, you were asked to log in with a separate user ID and password for each account. What’s new – and a key timesaver – is the ability to access your DCP and Plan 3 accounts through the DRS website with just your current online account access user ID and password.”

Before this enhancement, adds Frost, some DRS customers had to maintain as many as three different user IDs and passwords.

Nearly all DRS customers have all-in-one account access, but there are a small number of customers who will not be able to use the new feature:

  • Those without an address on record with DRS
  • Legal order payees with an “interest” in another customer’s account (such as in a divorce)
  • Potential customers (such as a substitute)
  • Designated beneficiaries of customers who are deceased
  • Customers’ dependents

How your employees can get started with all-in-one retirement account access

Their existing DRS online account access user ID and password is all they need. If they don’t have one yet, sign up is easy on the DRS website home page: Once they’re in, they can select the link for Plan 3, DCP or Judicial Retirement Account (JRA). They will then be automatically logged into that account. If they want to navigate to a different account, they must first return to DRS’s online account access and make another selection. Your employees must always log in at DRS online account access before they can move between all their retirement accounts. If they start in Plan 3 or DCP, they will not be able to access their other accounts unless they use a separate user ID and password for each of them.

Screen shot of log in and sign up box for online account access

Screen shot of log in and sign up box for online account access.

It works when they navigate through the DRS website to their other accounts:

  • Log in through DRS online account access to move between all retirement accounts with one user ID and password.
  • Your employees may maintain the user IDs and passwords they currently have for Plan 3 or DCP if they wish to go directly to either of those accounts without entering through DRS online account access.
  • Employees cannot use all-in-one account access if they log in directly to their Plan 3 or DCP account.

Do your employees want to continue using their separate user IDs and passwords? If they decide not to log in through DRS online account access, nothing has changed for them. They may continue to use their Plan 3, DCP, JRA and DRS user IDs and passwords to log in to those accounts separately as they have in the past.


If your employees need help with single sign-on, ask them to contact DRS at (360) 664-7000, or toll-free (outside the Olympia area) at 800-547-6657. For questions about DCP, they may call Great-West toll-free at 888-327-5596. For Plan 3 account questions, your employees should call ICMA-RC toll-free at