DRSN E05-007, Correctly Reporting Retirees to DRS


  • E-mail No.: E05-007
  • To: All Employers
  • Sent: March 11, 2005
  • Subject: Correctly Reporting Retirees to DRS

Please forward this email to your Human Resource/Benefits Office if applicable.

RCW 41.50.139 requires employers to ask new employees if they are retired from one of the Washington State Retirement Systems. This email is to remind you of the requirement to correctly report to DRS any retiree who returns to work with your organization. This will ensure your organization does not become liable for pension overpayments. We can also accurately inform both you and retirees working for you when they are approaching their hourly limits and the associated impact to their pension.

Download the Retirement Status Form to document the employee's signature regarding their retirement status:

We recommend you use the Member Reporting Verification application to ensure correct reporting of new employees.

Reporting a retiree who returns to work as an active member or as a substitute (at school districts and educational service districts) results in DRS rejecting the information. Below are links to charts that describe how to report retirees that return to work for your organization.

  • Retirees Returning To Work In Positions Covered By The Same Retirement System From Which They Retired
  • Retirees Working as Substitutes In School Districts or Educational Service Districts

(These charts have been discontinued. Refer to the updated Retiree Returning to Work Reporting Charts.)

The retirement status (retired or not retired) of an employee is not relevant to the position status (eligible or ineligible) of a position. The link below will help you determine the correct position status (eligible or ineligible).

Determine eligibility


Should you have questions call Employer Support Employer Support Services at (360) 664-7200, (option 2), or 1-800-547-6657, (option 6, option 2).

If you have not received the statements by March 31, 2005, you should also contact ESS. A member who has not received a statement should contact the DRS Retirement Services Division at (360) 664-7000 or 1-800-547-6657.