Employer Reporting Application Project

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September update — extended status code review

Employers who will report by file in ERA, please review your new ERA file format. You will use the Extended Status Code field to continue to report status codes for the compensation, contributions, and hours or days being reported for each member. The field replaces the previous Status Code field, which will be ignored by DRS after you adopt ERA.

We’ve updated the ERA Employer Technical Requirements and Reporting Procedures V 4.1 to clarify status code reporting. We encourage you to review this information with your technical team now. Failure to make this change can cause record rejections, edit messages and Requests for Employer Information (RFEI) to occur when you adopt ERA. You can find more details about status codes in Chapter 7 of the ERA Employer Handbook.

ERA Early Adopter success

Our first early adopter reported in ERA last week. It’s a great milestone! DRS is truly thankful for our Early Adopters. As we move forward, we’ll continue to make updates to the application based on their valuable feedback and continue our communications with you.

The new employer homepage is live

The new employer homepage features all the resources you’ve used in the past, and all the new resources you’ll use when you adopt ERA. Many of the ERA resources are available today: Sign up for training, learn when your organization is scheduled to adopt ERA or preview a training video. Check out the site and let us know what you think.

Watch this space

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