October 2016 update – ERA schedule adjustment

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DRS began building the new Employer Reporting Application (ERA) in May. The timeline below highlights the work that is underway (in orange) and what has been completed (green check marks). As we continued to build, it became clear that the original timeline needed an adjustment. DRS is discussing schedule adjustments with the vendor. We understand how fluctuations to this schedule can impact employers, and for that reason, we will notify employers of the new schedule as soon as possible.

In the meantime, DRS is moving forward with the kickoff for the ERA Early Adopter group. We will be reaching out to the volunteers and some specific employers to help fill gaps in our Early Adopter group.

Finally, in Employer Notice 16-010, Employer Reporting Application Employer Impacts, we stated that we expected to provide details in September to the employer reporting requirements, including the multiple record layouts. We will release this information after we preview the requirements with ERA Early Adopters.

Employers with questions about the schedule or Early Adopter opportunities can contact Rachel Nesse, ERA Outreach Project Manager, at

ERA phase process detail graphic