Overview, News, Procurement Updates 10/2013

October 2013

ERA Project Overview

DRS is working to provide our employer partners with a more effective system to report employee retirement information. We want the new system to be easier and more flexible to better meet your needs. After identifying requirements and researching options, the agency is taking steps to install a modern Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) to enhance our legacy mainframe system. The project to install the BPMS and build the new employer system is called the Employer Reporting Application (ERA) Project.

Latest News

Earlier this summer, the legislature funded our project and the ERA Team completed a number of steps to lay the groundwork for ERA implementation, including documenting "to be" business process models and high-level requirements. Much of the summer months were spent drafting and preparing procurement documents for the purchase of the BPMS.


In September, we released Request for Proposal No. 13-002-103 to purchase a BPMS and to build ERA. The RFP evaluation process has four stages (see RFP timeline below). Prior to signing the contract, the final stage of the process includes an Implementation Planning Study (IPS) Workshop where we will work with the bidder(s) to finalize key project documents, including the project schedule and statement of work. Spending adequate time early 2014 on the IPS Workshop and contract negotiations, will ensure the project is ready to hit the ground running in May.

ERA Timeline image

Employer Engagement

DRS will need employer help to successfully build and launch this employer reporting application. A sub-committee of the Employer Advisory Committee will be formed at their next meeting on November 14, to provide an open channel for communication with employers. As we move forward, we'll create additional employer groups to help support specific project activities. Employer feedback is important to the success of this project.

Contact Us

Please contact Kim Smith, DRS Employer Support Services Manager, at (360) 664-7107 if you have any questions or comments.