Employer Reporting Project 8-2014

Employer Reporting Application Project

BPMS Procurement

Last month, our effort to procure a BPMS and develop a new employer reporting application hit a bump in the road. Unwilling to compromise on our core needs during contract negotiations, we were unable to reach an agreement with our vendor community. As a result, we decided to cancel this procurement.

After reviewing lessons learned and evaluating options, we've decided to submit a new legislative decision package for funding authorization this August. We'll use the time between now and then to conduct further research, as well as updating and strengthening our plan and proposal. In addition to this work, we'll continue ongoing efforts to detail our business requirements, get our organization ready for a new information technology platform, and keep you up-to-date on our progress.

We are more determined than ever to modernize our systems here at DRS and to build a new employer reporting application. Although canceling the RFP means a delay in implementing a new reporting system, we remain committed to seeing this through.

We will update this site as our planning progresses. Please contact Kim Smith, Employer Support Services Manager at 360-664-7107 if you have questions or concerns.

ERA Restart: 5 Month Plan. Image showing the ERA restart timeline.