Employer Reporting Project 4 - 2015

Employer Reporting Application Project

DRS is working to provide our employer partners with a more effective system to report employee retirement information. We want the new system to be easier and more flexible to better meet your needs. After identifying requirements and researching options, we are taking steps to modernize our legacy information technology systems with a new Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) development platform. The project to install the BPMS and build the new employer system is called the Employer Reporting Application (ERA) Project.

April 2015 Update

As many of you know, last year we released a Request for Proposals (RFP) but did not contract because we were unable to meet the project’s core needs. Modernization of our legacy systems is DRS' highest strategic priority, and ERA is the first step of DRS' Modernization Strategy. We knew we needed to re-tool our procurement approach, because we need a BPMS that meets core needs.

After reviewing lessons learned and evaluating options, we submitted a new legislative decision package in September. If the decision package is included in this year’s biennial budget, we expect to release a new RFP this summer and start work on the ERA Project in 2016.

Right now, our ERA Project Team is focused on:

  • First, the team is re-tooling our RFP to reflect the research and lessons learned from the 2014 procurement. We are confident the new RFP will attract more vendors who can meet our core business and technology needs.
  • Another priority is completing development of detailed business requirements. Detailed requirements will help vendors understand the complexities of employer reporting and will help us build a flexible dynamic system that can be responsive to changing and evolving needs.
  • Finally, we’re taking steps to prepare our environment and familiarize the ERA team with BPMS to get our organization ready for a new information technology platform. This is an ongoing process that will accelerate once we have chosen a vendor for the ERA Project.

We will update this site as our planning progresses. Please contact Kim Smith, Employer Support Services Manager at 360-664-7107 if you have questions or concerns.