Employer Reporting Application Project 5-2016

May 2016 update

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DRS is happy to announce that we have chosen Bizagi to help us develop a modern reporting tool to support our employer partners, like you.

The procurement process

Last fall, DRS evaluated bids from five multinational companies. Our procurement process involved over 30 evaluators from our project team, onsite demonstrations from bidders and over two months of onsite workshops. If you’re interested in the procurement process we used, you can find all the details in the Request for Proposals.

What’s next?

It’s time to start the project! The Bizagi tool we’re using to help us modernize our system is called a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS). Working with Bizagi we’ll build a simple, easy-to-use Employer Reporting Application that will be accessible through a website portal, which will replace the current employer reporting tools.

Among other things, this dynamic system will:

  • provide more timely edits, reducing the time you spend researching and addressing data issues
  • walk you through complex rules, such as position eligibility, so you can report new positions quickly and with confidence
  • allow you to report complex information up front, so you only report once and don’t have to follow-up with a phone call

DRS team members have started training on the Bizagi BPMS tool and held a kick off this month. You can look forward to an updated project timeline in our June update.

Employer outreach

You have been involved in every stage of this project, from initial discussions about your needs, to giving your input as we developed requirements. You will also be involved in development and testing. We’ve already identified a role for early adopters in this project and in the weeks to come, we’ll reach out to involve employers in the development and rollout of the new ERA.

If your organization would like to be an early adopter, please contact ERA Project Outreach Manager Rachel Nesse at 360-664-7090.

Watch this page for more updates on the project as it progresses.

About the Employer Reporting Application Project

DRS is modernizing its legacy information technology systems. The Employer Reporting Application (ERA) will streamline reporting, and help us provide better services to both our employer partners and our customers.

Contact Us

Please contact ERA Project Manager Lisa Horne at 360-664-7126 if you have any questions or comments.