Employer Reporting Application Project 11/2013

The Employer Reporting Application (ERA) Project will procure and install a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) and use it to build a new dynamic employer reporting system.

November 2013


We hit several major milestones for ERA procurement in October. Proposals arrived October 18. We completed the first stage of evaluation, minimum qualifications review, on October 29; and second stage, Evaluation of Requirements/Cost Proposals, November 25. Our third stage, Demos, Interviews and References is underway.

ERA Timeline image

External Quality Assurance

In an effort to support project success, we have contracted with an independent quality assurance (QA) vendor, The Caughlin Group. Our QA goals are to identify and address issues early, before they become serious; and to bring a fresh, external perspective to project activities. The QA consultant will work alongside our project team and will conduct monthly and quarterly quality assurance assessments. The consultant will provide a systematic approach that monitors, evaluates, and provides interactive feedback about the project's activities. The first deliverable was a Quality Assurance Plan, which was completed in October.

Venn diagram describing the ERA advisory/work group structure.

Employer Engagement

At the DRS Employer Advisory Committee (EAC) meeting on November 14, we proposed an advisory work group structure to support the ERA Project. The graphic highlights the interactions between the groups. Learn more below, and contact us if you're interested in participating.

A new ERA Advisory Group will consult and steer the ERA Project. Membership will include two Employer Advisory Committee representatives, and others who represent the diversity in our public employer community.

Work Groups will be formed around specific issues and processes. These groups will be very task focused. Each group will tackle a different subject area. Group size and membership will vary based on scope. We'll reach out to employers to participate, based on what we know about your organizations, expertise and areas of concern. If you're interested in this project, this is a great opportunity to provide input.

An Early Adopters group will be identified later in the project, once we have a vendor on board, and a better understanding of the project needs. If your organization wants to be on the cutting edge and be one of the first employers to use the new system, please contact us.

The Employer Advisory Committee will continue to hear high-level ERA updates, but their focus will remain on broader DRS employer issues.

Contact Us

Please contact Rachel Jo Nesse, ERA Communications and Change Manager at (360) 664-7090 if you have questions, comments, or if you'd like to participate in an ERA employer group.