Employers Web Based Services - Sign up for ePay

Save time and money

Whether you're sending retirement or Deferred Compensation Program payments, ePay is free, flexible and secure. Once you're signed up, all your automatic payment submissions are easy. And best of all, you can stop processing checks and spending money on envelopes and postage.

Take control

  • Decide when to use ePay. Even after sign up, you may still mail us a check for any reason, any month you wish.
  • Tell us when you want payments deducted and from which account.
  • Set up an automatic pay date for up to six months in the future. If you're ever out of the office when a payment is due, ePay's got you covered.
  • Reduce the chance for mailing errors. No lost checks!

Find out more about ePay and how it works ePay FAQ

ePay works with Web-Based Employer Transmittal (WBET)

Here's another timesaver: if you're already using WBET to send us transmittal reports, you can quickly create an automatic payment advice form in ePay. No posting errors!

Sign up for ePay now

This simple process will get you on your way to using ePay. Any employer (except a state agency) can sign up. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, or whether you're using any other DRS electronic service.

1. Verify and confirm with your financial institution your account is ePay ready. Ensure there is an adequate withdrawal limit and no debit blocks on your account. If there is a debit block, contact us for DRS’ originating company ID number and provide it to your financial institution.

2. Complete these two forms:

3. Return the forms to DRS by email to employersupport@drs.wa.gov, or you can send them by mail.

4. Sign in! Your ePay account is ready after three business/banking days. We'll send you an email with your user ID and password, and a confirmation letter through the mail to let you know when you can log in.

If you're already using another eService such as WBET or MRV

  • Your user ID and password will be the same.
  • We'll notify you when your ePay account is available to use.

If you're a first time user of any eService

  • We'll set up access and give you a user ID and temporary password.
  • Once you receive your user ID and password, you can begin using ePay. You'll be asked to change your password after you log in.
  • When you start the log in process for the first time, a pop-up screen displays an access agreement. You must read and accept the agreement before you can log in. The access agreement describes acceptable use of our electronic services and your responsibilities when using them.

If you want to make changes

  • To change a financial institution account, submit a new Financial Institution Authorization for ePay form. To add DCP to an existing account, or for a separate DCP ePay account, submit a separate Financial Institution Authorization for ePay form.
  • To add or change a user, submit a new ePay User Authorization form.
  • To terminate an ePay account, you must contact us in writing.

If you need help

  • Contact Employer Support Services (ESS) between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday:
    • 360.664.7200 (option 2)
    • 800.547.6657 (option 6, then option 2)
    • email ESS (response within 24 hours)