Hiring an Existing Plan 3 Member

You will need to know...

  • For Plan 3 members changing employers, report a begin date and employer contributions in Plan 3. Member contributions shouldn't be reported until the Member Information Form (MIF) is received with the member's rate option and investment program selections, or 90 calendar days default occurs. [Default is Rate Option A, Self-Directed investment program]
  • If the employee is working in an eligible position and has never been a member, stop. This employee must make a plan choice. Go to New Member Plan Choice.
  • Include Plan 3 retirement information in your employee orientation. Provide the following publications: Member Information Form, Beneficiary Designation, Plan 3 investment information and the appropriate Plan 3 Member Handbook.
  • Direct members to the Plan 3 webpage for more information to assist members with informed retirement planning decisions.
  • Use the Retirement Status Form to document whether the employee has been a member or retired from a Washington State retirement system.

Ordering Information

  • View Plan 3 Resources for how to order publications and forms.
  • Employers must keep a supply of forms and publications on-hand to provide to members.

Additional Resources

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