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Careers at DRS

What makes DRS a great place to work?


RSD Team Leader

“Members are relying on us to provide quality information that will carry them in to the next portion of their lives.”


IT Services Manager

“The vision is very clear here at DRS. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority.”


Retirement Specialist

“It’s a great deal of diversity. One never does get bored.”

Our Core Values

Happy customers

DRS interviews several customers each month to make sure we’re providing the information, tools and expertise they deserve. Customers tell us they want to be treated with respect, and that they need responsive service along with the right information designed to fit their needs. At DRS, we’re dedicated to meeting and exceeding these expectations every day.

DRS serves over 700,000 customers. These include fire fighters, teachers, government employees, and public safety and law enforcement officers. We exist to ensure our customers receive the retirement benefits they earn in public service.

Diversity at DRS

We’re committed to services that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Through equal opportunity and affirmative action, DRS is inclusive. We treat all team members with respect. DRS is dedicated to recruitment, hiring, development, and retention strategies that help us create a diverse, inclusive and culturally competent workforce.

Our leaders serve their team members

Great leaders create and support successful, high performing teams where people feel valued. We’ve taken the old pyramid structure where bosses played a major role at the top of an organization, and turned it on its head. With customers as the number one priority, our entire organization thrives.

DRS leaders coach, mentor, motivate and recognize team members. We promote open communication, collaboration and accountability.

We’re passionate about community

DRS supports our community. We pride ourselves on the many ways we give back to others. Team members take part in awareness campaigns, fun runs and fundraising for many causes.

When it comes to giving, DRS is a leader among medium-size agencies. Our CFD and Adopt-a-Family committees assist local families and non-profit organizations in our community.

Customer service excellence is our mission. Retirement Specialists are our primary customer satisfaction link for the members, retirees, and participants of the retirement systems and plans we administer. These team members provide our customers with the right information and tools needed to ensure they receive the retirement benefits they earned while in public service, and do so in a responsive and respectful manner.

These team members give each division professional, polished support. They focus on the needs of the customer by generating top-notch business documents and keeping everything running on time. As the agency’s incoming correspondence processors, some of these team members work in the imaging section where they scan important, sensitive documents provided to DRS by our customers.

Our IT professionals are comprised of excellent programmers, web experts, architects, server managers and PC support. They are the cornerstones of our information systems that ensure customer security and accuracy of information. Each specialized area of focus builds upon the other structures. Our IT division employs Scrum to help develop agile solutions that respond to customer and team member needs.

These team members direct phone calls, answer questions and greet customers who visit DRS for one-on-one retirement help with our Retirement Specialists. They are friendly, helpful professionals who provide the finest customer service for public servants who expect and deserve the best.

As problem solvers, Business Analysts may work on agency projects with other team members, or resolve issues related to the daily operations of our computer systems and other applications. They’re often the ones who set up and run testing of our systems when changes are being put in place, working closely with Retirement Specialists to find and implement the best solutions for the customer.

As responsible stewards of our member’s pension benefits, accuracy and thoroughness is a must. These team members are detail driven, provide exemplary customer responses and follow exacting accounting practices. Occupations in this category include payroll, accounts receivable/payable and financial management.

Team members in HR help recruit the best job candidates to join our DRS family. Internally, they assist team members with policies that help DRS be compliant with work-related state and federal requirements. They, along with our retirement and customer service representatives, are the warm and friendly faces of DRS.

If the temperature in the building needs balancing, or a team member moves from one division to another, our facility management team gets the job done. They keep our building safe and trouble free, handle the mail and deliveries, and keep our office supplies stocked.

Our Management Analysts play significant roles on projects that require a working knowledge of our processes and how we interact with customers. They take a holistic view of our agency with an eye toward examining and discovering new ways to streamline business practices.

Our customers need information about their pension benefits that is easy to understand, concise and correct. Communicators and Education & Outreach (E&O) representatives respond to the customer’s voice. They provide materials and training that help customers make informed decisions. E&O representatives conduct retirement seminars across the state, and develop educational webinars. Communicators and the agency webmaster create customer-facing materials, and daily internal information for team members.

Leadership at DRS is shared throughout the agency. Through coaching and mentoring, leaders bring out the very best in each of us. They empower team members to do what’s best for our customers no matter what our job function or title. Each leader is vested in helping team members reach our agency’s goal of being a 100% customer-focused organization.

Beneficiary Designation

Members, you can update your beneficiary information from your online retirement account. Select “My Account” in the navigation menu and then “View/Edit” beside “Beneficiary.”

(If you prefer to fill out and mail in a printed form, select this link.)