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Choosing a plan

90 Days to Choose: Plan Choice

If you are a member of PERS, TRS or SERS review your Plan Choice information. You have 90 days to make a plan choice.

Run time: 3 minutes

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Plan 2 or 3? Choosing a Plan

Presenter: Stacy Rundle

New PERS, SERS and TRS members have 90 days to select a retirement plan. This 30 minute video helps explain the difference between Plan 2 and Plan 3.

Run time: 22 minutes

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Deferred Compensation Program (DCP)

What is DCP?

DCP is a voluntary retirement savings program. Find out more!

Run time: 2 minutes

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Deferred Compensation Program

Save more with DCP! See how Washington's Deferred Compensation Program helps you save more for retirement.

Run time: 44 minutes

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Retirement seminars

Plan 3 videos

Plan 3 videos

More videos for Plan 3 members

These videos cover Plan 3 essentials and the basics of investing with Plan 3


Retirement savings: Are you on track?

An informative graphic to help you make a decision on saving for your retirement.

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Save more with DCP: An overview

This informative graphic introduces you to the Deferred Compensation Program.

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