LEOFF Plan 1 Military Service Credit

What is interruptive military service credit?

Updated September 2011

Interruptive military service credit is service credit available to those who temporarily leave their Law Enforcement Officers’ and Fire Fighters’ Retirement System Plan I (LEOFF 1) employment to serve in the U.S. military. If you are an eligible LEOFF 1 member, you may receive credit for your interruptive military service. No payments are required.

Am I eligible to receive interruptive military service credit?

To receive interruptive military service credit under federal law, you must:

  • leave LEOFF-covered employment to render military service,
  • serve honorably in one of the armed or uniformed services of the United States, and
  • return to LEOFF-covered employment at some time after the termination of your military service.

What qualifies as military service?

Most types of military service qualify members to receive military service credit. They include:

  • Service in the army, navy, air force, Marine Corps, or their reserve units (including two-week annual training for reservists);
  • Full-time service in the United States Coast Guard;
  • Service in the Public Health Service; and
  • Service in the army or air National Guard.

How much military service credit can I receive?

State law provides for a maximum of five years of interruptive service credit. However, if you rendered service in excess of five years on or after December 4, 1974, and initiated a return to employment with a LEOFF-covered employer within the time limits defined by federal law, you may be eligible to receive credit for your excess service under federal law. Contact your retirement benefit specialist for further information.

When can I apply to receive service credit?

You may apply to receive interruptive military service credit at any time after you have completed military service and returned to LEOFF-covered employment.

How can I contact DRS?

To find out if you are eligible to receive interruptive service credit, send your request for a determination along with documentation of your military service, such as a DD214 form, to your retirement system for review.

If you have questions contact DRS

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