Retiree notice: public records request

The Department of Retirement Systems has received a public records request from American Transparency for information about individuals who retired from a DRS-administered retirement system.

After a thorough review, DRS has determined that these records are public and, per the State of Washington’s Public Records Act, are not exempt from disclosure. Accordingly, documents that provide the information listed below will be released to the requester on April 28, 2023.

Per this request, records to be released will include the following information for each individual who retired in 2022 from a DRS-administered system:

  • Full Name
  • Retirement Date
  • Employer Name
  • Monthly Pension Amount

Because these records contain lists of names, DRS has requested and received a Declaration of Non-Commercial Purpose from the requester.

If you are the subject of a public records request, no action is required of you. If you want additional information or have questions about a request, please contact DRS at 844-704-6780 or

About injunctive relief

DRS is often asked if individuals who are the subject of a records request can seek an injunction to prevent the release of their records.

Under RCW 42.56.540, an individual may seek an injunction in the superior court for the county where they reside, or in Thurston County Superior Court, if the release of records “would clearly not be in the public interest and would substantially and irreparably damage any person, or would substantially and irreparably damage vital government functions.”

To prevent the release of records in the current requests, DRS would need to be served with an injunction by close of business on April 27, 2023.

Whether to seek an injunction is a decision that must be made by each individual. State agencies cannot provide advice on this matter. Individuals should be aware that the superior courts may charge certain fees or costs for an injunction; they may want to obtain the advice of private counsel before deciding whether to pursue an injunction.

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