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Nearing Retirement

Congratulations on your decision to retire. There are some important things to think about as you near retirement. Ready to get started?

Activate your online account

Your online account can help you run a quick estimate of your benefit, request an official estimate, review your service credit years or, when you’re ready, retire online.

Retirement planning checklist

This checklist guides you through the retirement process, with steps starting two years before you retire.

Retirement FAQs

More of your questions answered. Find out when you’ll get your first benefit check and get other important answers you’ll want to know.

Lifetime income streams

Your pension is an example of a lifetime income you’ll have in retirement, but you may be eligible to add additional lifetime income to your retirement.

Find out more

DRS has videos, seminars, webinars and more to guide you through retirement and beyond.

Do more

  • Did you know every DRS system has a plan handbook? Find yours
  • DRS calculators include pension and retirement income estimators, and tax withholding calculators. See more
  • See forms and publications that are popular for members preparing for retirement. Go there

Deferred Compensation Program

If you’re getting ready to retire you have the option of maximizing your DCP account. You may want to take advantage of catch up options and adding annual and sick leave cash outs to your account.

There are two catch-up options for DCP participants. Contact DCP to verify your eligibility and/or sign up to participate.

If you have not maximized your DCP contributions for the year, you may do so by adding your annual and sick leave cash outs. Your employer must participate in DCP for you to be eligible for this opportunity. Contact DCP a month before your leave cash out date.

Although you have a variety of distribution options, keeping your money in the plan may provide you with better retirement opportunities.

Beneficiary Designation

Members, you can update your beneficiary information from your online retirement account. Select “My Account” in the navigation menu and then “View/Edit” beside “Beneficiary.”

(If you prefer to fill out and mail in a printed form, select this link.)