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Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)

Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) - Frequently Asked Questions

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Change my direct deposit

Use this form for all retirement benefit payments from DRS. Direct deposit allows DRS to forward your payments to the financial institution you authorize

Divorce & Property Division

When you become divorced or legally separated, a court can divide your retirement account between you and your ex-spouse through a property division order.

Make Online Changes And Updates

Log in or sign up for online account access and you can change your address, update your W-4P form and change your federal withholding.

Purchasing Service Credit

You may purchase additional service credit to increase your monthly retirement benefit. You can only purchase additional service credit at the time of your retirement. You cannot use the additional service credit to qualify for retirement.

Review my return to work rules

Return to work rules are specific to your retirement plan. Pick the publication for your retirement plan from the list below to learn more about rules for working after retirement.

Set up or change a DCP payment

Log in and manage your DCP contributions.

Update a beneficiary

You can update your beneficiary information on this form.

Set up or change a Plan 3 distribution

Learn more about your retirement plan, the contribution rate choices, investment options, and eligibility requirements.

Change my PEBB health insurance

Certain events let you make account changes (like changing a health plan or enrolling a dependent) outside of annual open enrollment. These are called special open enrollment events.

1099-R Form

Your 1099-R Form will be mailed by the end of January. As early as Jan. 24, you can also get a copy of your 1099-R by logging into your retirement account.