About DRS

The Department of Retirement Systems serves a diverse population of more than 330,000 Washington public employees, including firefighters, teachers and police officers.

Led by Tracy Guerin and supported by the DRS Advisory Committee, DRS administers one of the most complex public retirement systems in the country, comprising 15 plans across eight individual retirement systems. We also administer the state’s Deferred Compensation Program.

Mission, Vision and Values


  • We provide information, tools, expertise and services that ensure our members receive the retirement benefits they earn while in public service.


  • Satisfied customers
  • Valued team members


  • Customer focus
  • Team member engagement
  • Valued relationships
  • Performance excellence
  • Resource stewardship

Quick Stats

Membership (as of quarter ending June 30, 2022)
  • 339,614 active members – working and contributing to the plans
  • 218,179 annuitants – retirees, beneficiaries and others who receive monthly payments
  • 326,585 inactive members – left employment but are not yet receiving payments
Financial (as of fiscal year ending June 30, 2022)
  • $178 billion held in retirement trust fund assets
  • $5 billion collected annually in contributions from members and employers
  • $7.1 billion paid annually in benefits and contribution refunds
  • 275 employees
  • $90.6 million budget
  • Created in 1976

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