New Employees

As a public employee in Washington, you’re eligible for retirement benefits administered by DRS. Ready to get started?

Enroll in a plan

Public employees, teachers and school employees

PERS, TRS or SERS member? If so, you have 90 days to choose a retirement plan. The Plan Choice section can help you decide which plan is right for you.

Law enforcement, firefighters, Washington State Patrol

LEOFF and WSPRS members can complete this enrollment form.

Higher education employees

If you are eligible for HERP, see your Plan 3 options.

Choose a beneficiary

In the event of your death, DRS needs to know where to send your retirement account balance. Choose your beneficiaries now. Make this choice through your online account once you are enrolled in a plan or complete a paper form.

Activate your online account

Your online account is where your retirement information lives. Here you can see how much you contribute, how long your service is, what plan you are in and more. See online account.

Sign up for DCP

DCP, or the Deferred Compensation Program, is an extra retirement savings program that can help you reach your retirement goals. If your organization participates in DCP automatic enrollment, you may already be on your way to saving more.


  • Webinars See live or recorded video webinars, including one for choosing a plan.
  • Plans Find out more about your plan.
  • About DRS serves current and former public employees in 15 different retirement plans.
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