Service Credit

Your service credit is the number of years you work in public service. Your employer reports this time to DRS. Depending on which retirement system you are in, your service credit may be calculated differently. Visit your online account to view your complete service credit history.

You may be eligible for additional service credits if:
  • You have previously withdrawn your account and come back to service for a DRS covered employer.
  • You have been on authorized leave from your employment to serve in the military and came back to work for that employer.
  • You have worked part time or substituted in a school system.
  • You have been on authorized leave from an employer and came back to work full time for that employer.
  • You are a certificated teacher and taught in another state.
  • You have missed work due to an injury on the job.

Costs may vary.

See your plan guide for information about service credit calculations, purchasing and more:

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