Are you within a few years of retiring? Here are a few resources to get you started.

How do I retire with DRS?
  1. Request an official benefit estimate from DRS 3 to 12 months prior to your retirement date. Make this request through your online account or by contacting us. In most cases, we will provide your estimate 5 to 8 weeks before your retirement date.  If you haven’t received your requested estimate within 5 weeks of your retirement date, contact us.
    Estimates are prioritized by retirement date, which allows DRS to use the most recent information available for you and gives you ample time to submit your retirement application. An official benefit estimate is not the same as the benefit estimator tool available to all customers. To assist your retirement planning any time before or after requesting your official benefit, you can use the benefit estimator tool through your online account.
  2. Complete a retirement application at least 5 weeks from the date you intend to retire (once you receive your official estimate). Complete the application online or request a paper form.
Looking for pension retirement applications?

These applications are only available to customers who qualify for retirement. When you are within one year of retiring, you must request an official benefit estimate from DRS before online retirement or a paper application is available to you. Review your plan information or contact us to see if you qualify for retirement.

More resources

Use your online account to check your service credit, update beneficiaries, estimate your retirement income or request an official estimate.

Separation Date – the last day you’re paid for employment. Typically, your last day in public service. Retirement Date – the first day of the month AFTER your separation date and you’ve applied to retire.
Also be sure to check out retirement information in your plan guide:

Podcast episodes to get you ready for retirement:

What else do I need to do?

Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) administers Washington public pension plans and their retirement payments. You need to apply separately through these organizations for the following:

DCP or Plan 3 investment withdrawals

These are DRS plans, but we work with our record keeper Voya financial to manage transaction records and payments. For this reason, you withdraw investment funds separately from your pension funds.


Phone: 888.327.5596

Social Security income

Social Security Administration (SSA)


Phone: 800.772.1213

PEBB health care

Health Care Authority (PEBB or SEBB)


Phone: 800.200.1004


Government national health insurance


Phone: 800.633.4227

Federal tax forms and information

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Phone: 800.829.1040

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