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Employer Reporting Application


Chapter 1: Overview

Using the Handbook, overview of the deferred compensation program, overview of the retirement systems and plans, types of employers who report retirement

Chapter 2: Membership

Eligibility, membership rules, employer responsibilities

Chapter 3: Service credit

What is service credit and how is it earned

Chapter 4: Reportable compensation

What compensation is reportable

Chapter 5: Special conditions

Special conditions in reporting retirees, educational substitutes, higher education members, deferred payments of employee compensation, school district pay adjustments

Chapter 6: Contributions

Procedures for reporting employer and employee contributions, taxed and nontaxed employers, contribution rate tables

Chapter 7: Transmittal codes

Status and type codes for reporting regular compensation and special payments, such as cash outs

Chapter 8: Transmittal reporting

Transmittal reporting requirements, making corrections to the transmittal report, automated reporting requirements, Plan 3 special reporting, transmittal edits, manual reporting, sequencing information

Chapter 9: Transmittal edit reports

How DRS edits transmittal data, using the transmittal edit report, using the transmittal correction report

Chapter 10: Account activity

The DRS receivables management system, detailed description of the Statement of Account Activity, information about employer invoices

Chapter 11: Deferred compensation

What it is, employers who can participate, overview of the reporting system, both manual and automated

Chapter 12: Resources

Links to forms used by DRS, when to use a form, how to order forms

Chapter 13: Training

Training videos and aids

Chapter 14: Addendum

Additional handbook content for employers

Chapter 15: Financial Reporting

Financial reports

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DRS is experiencing high call and email volumes, making our response times longer. If you need help, first try the ERA resources menu on the employer homepage. If you are calling Employer Support Services, select the option for an automatic call back and the next ESS representative will call you as soon as they are available.

Contact ESS about:

  • Transmittals, both regular and correction reporting
  • DCP reporting
  • Payment reporting
  • Converting to new reporting formats
  • Begin and separation dates
  • Edit messages
  • Employer training
  • Any reporting question not listed above

For forms and publications ordering, please email DRS.

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Mailing addresses

Payment mailing address

Department of Retirement Systems
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General correspondence

Employer Support Services
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Business hours

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If you are an employer and are unsure who to contact, Employer Support Services (ESS) will route your question to the correct team member. Emails are answered within 24 hours. Phone calls are accepted between 8 am and 5 pm weekdays.

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