New live sessions for customers five years from retiring

DRS’ Education & Outreach team is piloting a new series of free, short talks with question and answer sessions on June 28. These 15 minutes talks are geared toward folks nearing retirement. We leave lots of time for live questions – so register now to save your spot.

  • Getting Organized:
    As you prepare for retirement, start by the gathering and organizing legal and financial documents. This presentation will provide an overview of the essential documents that you will want at the ready.
  • Retirement is a Math Equation – The Income Side:
    When you retire from public service, you’re going to leave a lot things behind when you walk out the door. The number one thing you’re going to leave behind is a paycheck. This webinar looks at what will replace that paycheck to ensure you enjoy a secure and successful retirement.
  • Retirement is a Math Equation – The Expense Side:
    If you find that your retirement income isn’t enough to cover your retirement expenses, you can try to increase your income, reduce your expenses or some combination of the two. This presentation will look at expenses – often the side of the equation you control most.
  • Creating a Retirement Budget:
    Budgeting is the key to determining the amount of money you need to live, assessing whether or not you have sufficient assets to maintain your standard of living, and creating a withdrawal strategy to make savings last a lifetime.
  • The Emotional Side:
    You’ve likely thought a lot about how you’ll enjoy what I like to call “the next third,” but there’s a good chance you’ve not thought much about the emotional impact that retirement might have. For some, retirement means a loss of identity. Having more time and less money can also be stressful. Learn more about what you can expect emotionally from retirement.

Visit our webinar page to register for a live talk or for pre-recorded webinars about a wide variety of retirement-related topics.

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