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DRS online account

Access ALL your DRS retirement accounts using a single username and password.

Most DRS customers use this method because they can access their DRS pension or investment information with one account.

  1. Log in to your online account.
  2. In the menu bar under My Investments select Plan 3 or DCP

Direct investment login

Through the DRS record keeper, Voya Financial, you can log in directly to your DCP, Plan 3 or JRA retirement accounts.

If you’re a customer who doesn’t have a DRS pension account, use this login.

Did you receive a PIN letter?

This letter is from the DRS record keeper, Voya Financial. You can use the PIN to log directly into your Plan 3, DCP or JRA investment account or to make account adjustments over the phone. For questions about the PIN letter, contact Voya.

Investment information

Select your plan for resources and information about your investment options.

DRS recordkeeping partner

Voya Financial

Voya Financial is the record keeper for DCP, Plan 3 and JRA customer investment accounts. They can assist you with transactional needs and account information.

Call Voya: 888-327-5596 (TTY users dial 711)

Fax: 844-449-2551

Chat live with customer service when you select the chat icon from the Voya login page (you can also chat once you are logged into your investment account).

Mailing address:
Voya Financial
Attn: Washington State DRS
PO Box 389
Hartford, CT 06141

Voya Financial Logo - DRS record keeper.

What does the record keeper do?
The DRS record keeper maintains the records for Plan 3, DCP and JRA customer investment accounts and assists customers with transactions related to these accounts.

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