DRS record keeper

As of Sept. 4, 2020, DRS investment account information for DCP, Plan 3 and JRA customers is moving from Empower Retirement to Voya Financial.

During this time, your investment account is view-only and you cannot make changes. Your investments continue to be managed and remain active in the market during the transition. Investment account services will resume at 10 am Pacific Time on Sept. 21, 2020 with Voya Financial.

Your historical account will show a $0 (zero dollar) balance. See how to find the amount transferred to Voya

See below for more information about the record keeper change.

DRS recordkeeping partner: Voya Financial

Voya Financial will be the new record keeper for DCP, Plan 3 and JRA customer investment accounts. For questions about the upcoming record keeper change, see the information below or contact DRS.

Now through Sept. 21 at 10 am, Voya financial can assist you with mailings related to your new account, such as the PIN letter you will receive.
After 10 am Sept. 21, your investment account will return to normal availability and Voya can assist you with transactional needs and account information.

DRS Record keeper: 888-327-5596
(TTY dial 711)

Visit the Plan 3/DCP login page.


What does the record keeper do?
The DRS record keeper maintains the records for Plan 3, DCP and JRA customer investment accounts and assists customers with transactions related to these accounts.

Voya will begin full investment account services at 10 am Pacific Time on Sept. 21, 2020.

Record keeper change information

These resources share information about the record keeper change from Empower Retirement to Voya Financial. Most of these communications were mailed to affected DCP, Plan 3 or JRA customers on or around the posted date. 

For information about market volatility, see Uncertain times and your retirement.

Your historical account information: Available until March 31, 2021

Your Empower Retirement investment account will remain accessible to you as view-only until March 31, 2021. The balance on this account will remain at zero. Through this historical account, you can access previous statements, tax forms and transaction history. We recommend you print or save any files you need from this account because this history will not be available through Voya Financial. If you need to contact Empower Retirement for information about any quarterly statements or 1099-R tax statements they issued to you, you can contact them at 800-551-4218. 

Access your historical investment account the same way you log in now. Either through your DRS online account or directly through the record keeper using your old log in information. 

Downloading your historical account activity:
You can download your account activity to Quicken or Microsoft Money.

  1. Log into your online account and select your historical Empower Retirement investment account.
  2. Select the Account History tile.
  3. Select the Transaction History option.
  4. Choose either Quicken OFX or Microsoft Money QIF.
  5. Select a statement period and the Download Now button. Save the file to your computer.
  6. Open Quicken or Microsoft Money and follow the instructions to import the file.
Beneficiary Designation

Members, you can update your beneficiary information from your online retirement account. Select “My Account” in the navigation menu and then “View/Edit” beside “Beneficiary.”

(If you prefer to fill out and mail in a printed form, select this link.)