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On Monday, June 10, we updated DRS’ website to highlight our calculators and to make it easier for folks to find what they’re looking for.

When you visit now, you’ll see a new calculator pagenew site index that includes alphabetic sorting, changes to our search tool, updated table of contents navigation, and some other behind-the-scenes code changes to make the site more resilient and even more accessible.

The new calculator page is designed to both feature popular calculators and to provide easy access to all calculators. 

The updated site index has two views: topical and alphabetical. Just choose which view you prefer, and the page will reconfigure itself.

It’s a smaller update to our site header, but you no longer have to click inside the search field after clicking the magnifying glass to search. When you click the magnifying glass now, the cursor just appears in the search field.

Each page’s table of contents, which is the left-side navigation on most pages, was updated along with the code for headers sitewide. Without getting too far into the technical weeds, we removed header tags from content when it was being used for design and not as a section header. This change required a lot of code updates, but the site is more accessible and more future-proof as a result.

After so much coding work that affects the entire website, we might see some odd typography pop up. Just let DRS Communications know, and we’ll take care of it. For account-related questions, use the secure contact feature in your online account or visit

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